Kaktus Towers is two new towers with exclusive rental apartments located centrally in Copenhagen, near Dybbølsbro Station. The two architect-designed towers contain 2 types of rental apartments with large balconies and a beautiful view of the city. In addition, residents will have access to a wide variety of common facilities and areas located at the bottom of the towers.

Kaktus Towers is located at Dybbølsbro Station, right next to the entrance to Fisketorvet Shopping Center and near popular youth districts in Copenhagen such as Vesterbro, Kødbyen and Islands Brygge. It is also here that IKEA’s new, large city store is being built. In summer, you live only 5 minutes from one of Copenhagen’s popular harbor baths.

As soon as we have more information and get closer to the premiere date, we will announce the rent level for the 2 types of rental apartments. All common facilities will be included in the rent. It will also be possible to purchase additional services in the building.

You can without obligation sign up for more information on Kaktus Towers website. If you’re on the list, you will be first in line to receive more information, rental prices, and an invitation for the premiere in spring 2022.

Kaktus Towers’ rental apartments have several sloping walls and angles, which makes it difficult to decorate with standard furniture. Therefore, the award-winning architects behind the towers have specially designed a furniture line, including a combined bed/sofa which fits perfectly into the apartment, and is located so you can wake up to the view of Copenhagen skyline every morning.
In addition, the apartment contains a cool designer kitchen from the well-known Danish brand Reform.
We can also offer you a starter package at a fixed price to get you well settled in your new home.

Kaktus Towers premieres in the spring of 2022. We look forward to inviting you up on the balconies and inside the rental apartments. Make sure you’re on the list to be first in line to receive an invitation for the premiere.
Yes, there are both elevators and stairs up to all rental apartments in Kaktus Towers. If you want to be in good shape, we recommend the stairs. The towers are 60 and 80 meters high. That’s a long cardio way to the top.

Oh yes. The entire base of the two Kaktus Towers consists of common areas that all residents will have access to. Here are, among other things, fitness, laundry, work areas and lounges where you can socialize. The whole idea behind Kaktus Towers is to facilitate community and co-living. You live in your own apartment but is also a part of the entire building. We look forward to unveiling even more cool common facilities soon.

Yes, all apartments in Kaktus Towers have balconies in different sizes. Some apartments even have access to two balconies.
Well, we almost think it lends itself. The towers many balconies protrude like pointed spikes, and makes the towers look like two cactus plants when viewed from the outside. We could also have named them ‘Hedgehog Towers’ or ‘Sea Urchin Towers’, but then again… Cactus is a very cool plant!
Kaktus Towers is for everyone interested in living in a co-living community. Maybe senior students and young professionals who want to live near the city’s educational institutions and many job opportunities. The semi-furnished rental apartments are also perfect for expats moving to Copenhagen for both shorter and longer periods.
Co-living is a new way of living together. This means you get the perfect combination of privacy and community. You live in your own apartment, but at the same time you get access to a lot of cool common facilities and areas in the building. Living in an apartment with co-living means that you can easily meet other people, make new friends, and be part of social activities whenever you like. We believe that the co-living concept can help counteract loneliness in Copenhagen. The common areas in Kaktus Towers will invite all residents to get to know each other and live in a safe environment. With the strong community concept young people and expats will hopefully feel less lonely in the big city. Come and join our community.


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